Congregational Care is central to the ministry of The Presbyterian Church of La Porte and is grounded in the church’s affirmation that we are called to love one another as God has loved us. We give thanks for God’s claim on our lives and commit to love and serve one another after the example of Jesus Christ.

The vision for Congregational Care at PCL is a collaboration among leaders in the church, drawing on the resources and gifts of members to care for the whole person. As leaders in the church we need your eyes, ears, and gifts so that we tend to every member of the congregation in need of care.

Caring Friends 

Members with particular gifts for compassion make up our Caring Friend ministry.  Each friend is given a parish of members and friends of the church.  The Caring Friend keeps in touch with cards and phone calls just to “check in.”   When a person in the parish is ill, aggrieved or in need, the Caring Friend is available for support and assistance.

Visitation Team

Some of our members have special gifts for caring for the elderly.  Our Visitation Teams give special attention to our homebound, assisted living, and nursing home members.  They make visits to chat and bring the message of love from our church.  A special communion team makes visits four times a year to extend the communion table to those who cannot make it to church.  Additionally Pastor Bill Bertsch does pastoral calling to our homebound members.

Pastoral Care

Our Pastor, Sally Wicks, makes hospital and emergency calls. The HIPAA laws forbid hospitals from calling the church anymore to inform us if someone is hospitalized, so we rely on the eyes and ears of members and friends to help us know if someone is in need of a Pastoral call in the hospital.

Pastor Sally is also available for individual pastoral or couple counseling.  Simply call the church office to make an appointment.

Prayer Ministry

Our congregation prays in several ways for those in need.  On Sunday mornings, prayer requests can be entered into the prayer book and prayers are offered in the Sunday morning services.  Prayer requests can also be made through the church office and the request can be entered on our prayer list which is printed each week in the Church Chat or given for immediate prayer to the Prayer Chain.  Want to make a prayer request right now?  Fill out the prayer request form on this page!

Ministry at the Time of Death

The loss of a loved one calls forth the tender compassion of our church.  Pastor Sally is honored to sit with families at the time of death and to assist in planning a meaningful service of Witness to the Resurrection.  Our Funeral Ministry team is pleased to offer a funeral luncheon after the funeral or memorial service.  Members gladly contribute food offerings to provide for this meal.

Connect Events

Homecoming Sunday
09-10-2017 10:00 am
Kid's Club begins
09-13-2017 5:00 pm
Picture Day
09-20-2017 12:00 am
High School Chicago Trip
09-23-2017 8:00 am
Trunk or Treat
10-29-2017 4:00 am
Children Sing at Christmas
12-17-2017 10:00 am

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