“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” - Jesus (John 10:10)

There is so much information in the world these days! Whether you surf the web, listen to a pod cast, watch the television, read books or listen to the radio, you know about this abundance. Some of that information is more useful than others. Some of it can be quite concerning… even discouraging at times.

We think learning should be fun!

We think hard questions are good.

We think God is the best teacher.

Growing and learning is a joyful thing at The Presbyterian Church of La Porte. We are committed to encouraging each other to be better human beings that love and serve God and each other. We are committed to creativity and thoughtful engagement with the issues that affect our faith and our world. Growing through The Presbyterian Church of La Porte happens in a variety of settings and through an assortment of different experiences. We offer opportunities for children, youth and adults to explore new ideas, to gain new skills and to develop effective faith. God wants each of us to grow as a whole person, to be healthy, wise and joyful disciples. Come and see what new things God has for you and how much fun it is to grow, learn and become alive!

What's Up!

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