What's your plan? As congregational and community leaders shared on April 30th, planned giving isn't just a privilege of the old or a luxury of the wealthy; it's an opportunity and responsibility for all. Attendees shared a simple meal followed by a dessert including thoughtful planning tips. Cheryl Stephan shared how a basic will can direct the care for minor children after the death of a young couple, or the distribution of belongings, when death occurs at any age. Dan Todd pointed out how the value of small or forgotten insurance policies can be redirected with simple changes to policy beneficiaries or owners. Drumm Osborn showed how 401(k) beneficiary designations can reflect one's charitable intents in a tax-effective way, and how giving shares of stocks, bonds or mutual funds can be more powerful than simply writing a check to the church.

Yes, Carol Koenemann has volunteered to watch over all our books. And we do have a good selection in our library at the end of the hall by Pastor Sally’s office.
We have 3 sets of floor-to-ceiling shelves devoted to Christianity past and present. Then, close to the cupboard and windows, you will find books on raising families, dealing with divorce and general “how to books”. You will also find good inspirational reading as well as good novels.

This is just a personal thank you to everyone who has helped me transition into this leadership role in the children’s ministry here at The Presbyterian Church of La Porte. I could not have made it through this busy season of Holy Week and Easter without all of the help and support from which I have been benefiting. Now onto the upcoming stuff! Vacation Bible School is coming everyone, and registration is now open. So, if you are as excited about this as I am, be sure to get signed up! But, in addition to registering your children, I want to talk to you about signing up to help us out with this big undertaking! Adi Veenendaal and I will be heading up this endeavor this year but VBS is a team effort and we need to start assembling this team! So, if you have worked VBS in the past or are a first timer, please, let us know if you are interested in joining alongside us in service of our children!

If you missed the introduction of the new church logo on Palm Sunday, or if you didn’t catch everything about the new logo the first time around, here’s an outline of what you can look for in the logo (you can see it above).

We are delighted to announce that our own Carey Scheck has agreed to accept an expanded position with our church and take on the role of Worship Band Leader. Carey’s new title will be Director of Music. She will be half time with our church in this new position which doubles her work with our church.

Session met on April 4 in the Gathering Place. Items of importance to the life of the church included:

  1. Reception of the financial report. Expenses for March outweighed income by $8,936.37. Operating fund balance at the end of March was $41,863.15
  2. Final review of application for Pastor Sally's sabbatical.

Dear Friends,

It’s always hard to say good bye, and we are having to say good-bye to some very good friends in the very near future.  Walt and Peg Leszczyszyn are moving back to Canada to be near to their oldest daughter.  Both Walt and Peg are Canadian citizens.  Joe and Sharon Dzwonar are moving to a retirement community in Indianapolis where they will live very near to their son and his family and nearer to their daughter.  I tried praying that their homes in La Porte wouldn’t sell, but it didn’t work.

What's Up!