Pastor Sally will be preaching on the promises of God during Lent.  The Old Testament walks through a series of promise stories called Covenants.  These were promise agreements made between God and God’s people that were intended to provide strength and guidance to the relationship.  Most of the agreements were promises God made to the people that finally led to a new covenant created through Jesus.

 Join us for a series of sermons through the roots of Christian faith as we hear again the story of God’s faithfulness through the ages.


Feb 18 (1st Lent) “God’s promise:  The Global Guarantee”

                Gen. 9: 8-17    

Feb 25 (2nd Lent) “God’s Promise:  Promises We Can’t Keep”

                Gen. 17: 1-7, 15-16       

March   4 (3rd Lent) “God’s Promise: Contracts and Covenants

                Ex. 20: 1-17                      

March 11 (4th Lent)                   “God’s Promise: Unbreaka- ble”

                John 3: 14 – 21  

March 18 (5th Lent)                      “God’s Promise: Marriage Vows”

                Jer. 31: 31-34  

March 25 (Palm/ Passion Sunday) “God’s Promise: Beyond   all Reason”

                Mark 11: 1-11    


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