Dear Friends,

This morning I was reading Psalm 45 and was struck by the first part of vs. 6: “Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever.”

It got me to thinking about forever. Forever is a very long time. The psalmist also got me to thinking about how very short are the days we have on the earth. It occurred to me today as we embark upon the fall that I have now enjoyed more falls in the past than I will likely enjoy in the future. My life is definitely more than half over. In fact, I passed that milestone some time ago, though I did not really take note of it at the time.

Today, I was struck by how short our lives are. We are born. We live on the earth and enjoy it fruit, the love of friends and family, the shelter of a church home and then we are gone.

But the psalmist says God is forever. God has watched millions of his children come and go and loves us all. That’s an incredible thought to me. How great is God’s love? It is beyond my comprehension in the same way that forever is beyond my thoughts.

I think it’s a good thing once in a while to remember our limits and to recognize we are small, especially as we think about the One who is limitless, who is forever, in whom we trust for today, tomorrow and forever.

Pastor Sally

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