Session met on April 4 in the Gathering Place. Items of importance to the life of the church included:

  1. Reception of the financial report. Expenses for March outweighed income by $8,936.37. Operating fund balance at the end of March was $41,863.15
  2. Final review of application for Pastor Sally's sabbatical.
  3. Reception of monthly statistical report for March. Average Cross Connection attendance for March was 68; YTD attendance was 69.. Average Traditional attendance for March was 48; YTD attendance was 47.
  4. A letter was received from the Presbyterian Loan Program congratulating the congregation on repayment of the loan which was secured in order to finance the recent Seeds of Hope project.
  5. Reception of Youth Ministry report from Director Aaron Lickliter. Both children's and youth ministries are going well, with plans underway for VBS. Next up: a new basketball program to be held at the church.
  6. Approval of a progressive dinner to be held May 20.
  7. Pastor Sally will be on vacation May 14-20.
  8. Approval of May 8 for a conversation about same-sex marriage.
  9. Approval of June 5 for a conversation about use of the Seeds of Hope mission money.
  10. Carey Scheck and Pastor Sally will attend the workshop at Montreat. This will be Study Leave week 2 for Pastor Sally.
  11. Approval of the following expenditures for Foundation income: Youth ministry $2000; Mission trip up to $4000; Culvert construction for drainage up to $6000; Downstairs window shades up to $3500; Downstairs hallway lights and ceiling tiles up to $2000. This will leave a balance of approximately $4103.

Dates to remember:

May 8 - Same-sex marriage conversation
May 9 - Next session meeting
June 5 - Mission (Seeds of Hope) funds conversation

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