What's your plan? As congregational and community leaders shared on April 30th, planned giving isn't just a privilege of the old or a luxury of the wealthy; it's an opportunity and responsibility for all. Attendees shared a simple meal followed by a dessert including thoughtful planning tips. Cheryl Stephan shared how a basic will can direct the care for minor children after the death of a young couple, or the distribution of belongings, when death occurs at any age. Dan Todd pointed out how the value of small or forgotten insurance policies can be redirected with simple changes to policy beneficiaries or owners. Drumm Osborn showed how 401(k) beneficiary designations can reflect one's charitable intents in a tax-effective way, and how giving shares of stocks, bonds or mutual funds can be more powerful than simply writing a check to the church.

Norm Juday punctuated the evening's theme with a fantastic handout to help individuals plan their funerals. He talked of how this kind of planning is one of the best gifts to those you leave behind. Pastor Sally reminded everyone how members can document, with the church, favorite Bible passages and hymns for use during their funeral or memorial services. As each of us gives freely during our lives, PLANNED giving provides structure, intent, and permanence for when our years on earth have ended.

While the evening provided an opportunity to highlight how giving to the Foundation has and will continue to support this church's ministry, the evening's real message arrived in the form of a question: "What's Your Plan?"

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