To:The Church Mouse (ick!) and others.

From:The one and only Calvin the Church Cat.

OK Church Mouse, I’ve had about enough of your silly ramblings in the newsletter. And, furthermore, I do not smell as you insinuated.EVERYONE knows that mice smell -ALL THE TIME!Enuf. I am looking forward to all the upcoming Advent events (more cookie crumbs for me). Presbies are always eating and I need to keep up my healthy frame. Sitting on the shelf above the oven is my favorite spot. It is nice and warm.

I also enjoy Aaron’s office as I can curl up under his “stuff”. On Wednesdays, I hide during Kids’ Club because kids are all over the place, hopping, running, singing and I am afraid they will step on my beautiful tail. But, when the knitting ladies are in the library, I love to get into their bags and tangle the yarn. So much fun. Time for my nap. I always have one eye open in case that smelly gray mouse dares to appear. Last I heard he was with the Lutherans.

Merry Christmas to all,

Calvin the Cat

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